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61 Matt Wallden: Attractor States

October 14, 2021

Today’s podcast is with Chek Institute faculty member and osteopath Matt Wallden. Matt was my instructor for the most recent course in the curriculum of the Chek Academy: Integrated Movement Specialist level 3 [IMS3]. In our discussion we cover a broad range of topics including attractor states, Panjabi’s model, and the benefits of barefoot / minimal shoe movement and exercise. Matt worked as the UK distributor for Vibram for about a decade and has a lot of experience in working with athletes in minimal footwear; he is also very well educated on the science of how footwear choices impact athletic performance. We discuss how the human foot negotiates the rigid structure of a cycling shoe, and Matt also educates me on how to pronounce Vibram [hint: Americans say it incorrectly]. We also discuss the forward flexed position of cyclists and the ramifications of this posture. As always, please leave comments or questions on this episode below, and thank you for listening. 


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