Cycling in Alignment with Colby Pearce

Dr. Vince - Ep90

September 23, 2022

Episode 90 of Cycling in Alignment is with Doctor of Chiropractic, Bike Fitter, and Inventor of the Infinity Saddle, Dr. Vince Marcel. Dr. Vince has a clinic in El Segundo, California where he treats patients and also performs bike fitting services. In this discussion, we talk about some of the alternative methods Dr. Vince uses to help return his clients to a state of optimal health, including blood analysis and other methods. We also discuss some of his observations on how visceral health can impact a rider’s position on the saddle. He shares some gems you are not likely to have heard before. I really enjoyed my time working with Dr. Vince and I am sure you will benefit from our discussion.


Dr. Vince --->

301 Main Street
Elsegundo, CA 90245

Infinity Bike Seat --->


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