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Helen Hall: We Can Swizzle - Part 1 - Ep82

June 15, 2022

Part 1

Today’s conversation is a running coach, biomechanist, minimal running pioneer, and bike fitter, Helen Hall. I discovered Helen on Matt Wallden’s podcast and heard her again on Just Fly Sports. She has studied at the Chek Institute and brings a tremendous amount of thought, perspective and wisdom to her practice of working with clients to help solve their niggles. 

Helen and I get deep in the weeds on bike fitting theory and we discuss how we each see clients on the bike. She divulges some of her ways of thinking about how to help a client become more efficient in their cycling and I found the conversation fascinating. If you would like a deeper dive into fitting philosophy, this will be a good episode for you.

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More info about Helen can be found on her website.


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