Cycling in Alignment with Colby Pearce

70 Cadence: What is it? Why do we care?

January 29, 2022

Episode 70 of Cycling in Alignment could have been titled “Delayed by Covid” but no one wants to hear about that so we are talking about cadence. When I say we, I mean all the voices in my head … in this discussion I cover the two components of power, namely cadence and torque, and I speak about the relationship between them and why we are served by understanding this relationship. I also give practical examples of how these concepts apply in real world riding.

I have also written about this topic on my website, colby pearce dot com. My plan is to release more written content in conjunction with future podcasts, in order to get the information out in different forms. Additionally, written content allows for links to resources and articles, as well as visual aids including photos, graphs, and diagrams. 

I will also be making some artwork in conjunction with future podcasts and will post this on the gram as well as on my site with the written work. I was quite artistic when I was a young man but this has largely gone unpracticed as my life became consumed with competitive cycling. There is something missing in me when I don’t have an outlet for my creative energy. My vision is to bring this to my teaching in a way that helps me communicate my ideas and also serves my audience. 

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