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57 Alex Howes: From “Uncoachable” to US Pro Champion

August 24, 2021

For this episode of Cycling in Alignment I speak with US racing legend Alex Howes. Alex is a former US Professional Road Champion, recent winner of Ned Gravel, winner of the Steamboat Gravel race [the big one without the vowels in the name; see below...], Tour de France veteran, husband, and father. I have had the honor of coaching Alex for a good part of his cycling adventure…”uncoachable” is his own description, but I found him to be intuitive [instead of data focused], practically minded, solution oriented, loyal to the core, and to have an authentic, deep passion for the sport. We unpack all kinds of thoughts on eating during races, training load, and coaching methods. Comments? Suggestions? Please hit me here on the IG feed. Thanks for listening. 

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