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41 Gluten and Its Effects on Longevity, Heart Disease, and Immune Function, with Trevor Connor

April 22, 2021

Gluten is bad news for your body and today we’ve got an expert in the subject who will explain exactly what the long-term effects of consuming gluten are. Trevor Connor, who you know as the host of Fast Talk, is also the CEO of The Paleo Diet.

We talk about keto and carnivore and veganism; we talk a lot about gluten and specifically the challenges that it brings. We get geeky and scientific in this episode but don’t worry, if you’re not a science person, you’re not going to get lost. Trevor does a great job of bringing it back to some relatable and understandable context.

Anit-Factory Farm Shopping Guide:

Trevor’s series on wheat:

Paleo Diet page on nutrient density:

Metabolic Typing Diet:

The Paleo Diet for Athletes:

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