Cycling in Alignment with Colby Pearce

53 Lore Shoes

July 20, 2021

This episode of Cycling in Alignment is a discussion with Stephan Drake and Rob Horacek of Lore, creator and lead engineer of the Lore One, the world’s first 3D printed custom carbon cycling shoe. I am quite excited to share this conversation with my listeners, as I think this shoe will be nothing short of completely revolutionary in the world of cycling. Everything about it from the design concept, execution, method of interaction with the athlete and manufacturing are completely unique and ground breaking. It is quite literally the solution I have been hoping for my entire career. If you are an athlete who has never found a shoe that works, settled for a stock shoe, are on the verge of quitting the sport because of chronic foot problems,  found unsatisfactory results from a custom shoe, or a rider who simply wants to maximize performance, this product will be a complete solution. Listen to the podcast and check the show notes for an exclusive discount code and details on how to get on the list for the first limited production run. 

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